Using Lab instruments at CORE

CORE Research facilities offer multiple scientific services for internal and external academics and researchers, the use of instrumations at CORE can be arranged with our engineering staff for guided sessions or self-service session after if an adequate training is provided.

For detailed information about available instruments check the detailed lists below.


CORE microscopy facilities for Cellular Imaging offers competent support for quantitative fluorescence imaging with 2 confocal Microscopes ready for live cell imaging .


Providing access to a wide variety of sophisticated research spectroscopy instrumentation including Fluorescence Spectrophotometers, plate readers, UV-Visible and infrared Spectrometers.

Thermal Cyclers

Core houses two thermal cyclers for Real-Time PCR available for trained researchers and assisted experiments.

Other Instrumets

For full list of available instruments inculding centerfuges, Chromatographers, Extracellular Flux Analyzers, Thermodynamic Analyzers and imaging system. check the full instrumentation document on the link below.