About URLabs (Booked Scheduler Script)

Urlabs Modification and implementation

Installation & Implementation

Abdelnour Alhourani

Unix Server Managment

Theodor Ivesdal

Authentication System

Ola Ketil Siqveland

Kjell Kristian Bryne

Torill Monsen


Hanne Røland Hagland

Gro Adsen Sokn

Script Support

Booked Scheduler Official Project Home

Community Support

Booked Scheduler SourceForge Project Home


Script Authors

Nick Korbel

Dung Le

Jan Mattila

Paul Menchini


Stephen Höglund (Swedish) > adapted to bokmal by littomalt

projects and libraries used

Smarty, PEAR, adLDAP, jQuery, FullCalendar, log4php, securimage, SimpleImage, PHPMailer, jsTimezoneDetect, jqplot, FeedWriter, Slim


Booked Scheduler free and open source, licenced under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Please see the included License file for more details.